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Birkin Fly Fishing

Birkin Fly Fishers control a large fishery comprising of approximately 14 miles in total. The main stream is the meandering Birkin Brook, a tributary of the River Bollin. The association was established on 23rd February 1870 as the Bollin Angling Association by four local gentlemen whose first official meeting recorded in the Minutes their future purpose: "The Preservation of Trout in the River Bollin”.

The Association has a dedicated band of enthusiasts who work on the improvement of the fishery, and the clubs existing mantra is ‘Birkin Fly Fishers, working with nature’. This level of dedication has seen the condition of the banks; water access and abundance of fly life improve incrementally year on year. Despite a predominantly sandy bed, intermittent gravel and weed beds have allowed flies such as Yellow Sally, Yellow May Dun, Blue Wing Olive and Mayfly to increase and this position has been further improved with the general husbandry and introduction of a fly board system. Other natural fishy foodstuffs include free swimming caddis, shrimp and a smorgasbord of nymphs such as Heptagenid, are all in abundance. This has "bucked the trend" in terms of Fly Life proliferation elsewhere. What we try to do is ensure that nothing intervenes to spoil the environment.

The fishing on the Birkin is supplemented by substantial fishing on Mobberley Brook in addition to that on The River Bollin which stretches for about 6 miles, upon which the EA have tracked radio tagged Salmon and Sea Trout.

A highly successful method for the wilier resident browns is ‘upstream nymphing’ and those who practice this method are frequently rewarded. A deftly placed dry fly also brings results, and for those with the confidence to try it, often when no fish are actually rising and the fly cast in a speculative fashion. Birkin Fees are £200 for the 2013 Season, [there is no joining fee] and this permits fishing on all Association Waters. We currently have a few vacancies for Birkin Membership. These positions are rare, as collectively [including Honorary Membership] we will never exceed 49 Members in total.

Should you require any further information, please contact the Hon Secretary Dr. Simon Wright at email info@birkinflyfishing.co.uk